Wroow Mini Racer

The Wroow Mini Racer is a very fast small car with variable LED lights.
It can be played in many different ways.

A few suggestions:

  • Put your mini racer in the plastic ball (included) and watch it zooms across the floor. 
  • You can also connect two or more cars with the included eyelet and watch them spin. 
  • Find a big bowl and can put more cars to watch them rally together.
  • Connect the car to the key ring (included) and watch the amazing speed of rotation.

Let your imagination be your guide.

The car has about 25-30 minutes of driving time and 30 minutes of charging. Charging with a USB charger is convenient and easy.

The WROOW kit includes a Mini Racer, a plastic ball for rallying, a USB charger, a key ring with a ring and a hanger.

Comes with a 3.7V 70mAh lithium battery pack.

There are more than 20 different designs, therefore colours will be selected randomly after purchase.