Ezzy Roller Awards

The Excitement
Sweeping across playgrounds & sidewalks, there is a new piece of kit that boldly curves where others dare not. It is the EzyRoller. The riding is smooth and it allows your imagination to freely wonder.  Guarantee kids and older kids will be hooked

Why is the Ezzy Roller Exciting?
Simple answer is; the slick movements become an obsession! Your adventurous senses are awaken with the smooth hands free motion.  Now there is no limit for your child to invent hands-free motion games! 

Within a few minutes your child will be swerving, skidding, darting, carving turns up & down. Whether you're a fast & furious racer, a smooth cruiser or an artful dodger, it's dead easy. We are sure heads will turn & you will get other kids asking to have a go.

Ezy Roller will stimulate problem solving, creativity, muscle development and balance.

The EzyRoller is a multi-award winning toy. It's built to take the knocks. It's stable, safe and confidence inspiring. Perfect for those looking for an alternative to the bike or scooter.